Upon arriving at Pipacs Tanya, having made your way down the forest past, you too will experience the tranquil atmosphere of calm beauty that we were met with in February of 2003, when we first found ourselves standing here. Our family decided to make this farm our home, as well as opening a guesthouse so that others too, might experience the magic of this region. We lead an Eco-Friendly Organic Farming lifestyle, with four traditional mud-brick buildings on the property: An old peasant style cottage that we transformed into the guesthouse, a side building that functions as the communal "summer kitchen", stables for the animals, and a newer-built family home that we reside in with our 5 children. We raise chickens, geese, turkeys, Mangalica pigs and Racka sheep, as well as cultivating potatoes, all kinds of vegetables and fruit, and crops for the animals on the land in yearly roatations.

The guesthouse: The 60m2 old-style peasant cottage is equipped with two bedrooms (ideal for 4-5 guests, with space for spare beds) a communal room fitted with a mini kitchen, and bathroom. There is heating, and cooking facilities are available in the communal "summer kitchen".