Staying at Pipacs Tanya you have the chance to sit back and relax, enjoy the peace, and rest. You can simply observe us during the day's work, or can choose to take a more active part in the Eco-Friendly farming lifestyle that we lead here. You can try bread-baking, taste the difference of meals that are prepared in the outdoor Bogrács (cauldron), or toast bread and meat over an open fire. With prior discussion we can organize a horse and cart tour round the district, you can try your hands at such traditional handicrafts as ceramics and corn-sheaf doll -making. While the adults are thus occuppied, there is plenty of time for the youngsters to pleasantly pass the time playing.

Programs in the surrounding vicinities

Pusztaszer and the surrounding localities offer ample entertainment for everyone's varying tastes: for those who are curious to unlock the treasures of Nature, for those who yearn to build the self and seek healing and growth, for those who would like to try handicrafts or other cultural traditions, for those who would like to become better aquainted with the rich history of the Magyars, and of course, for those who would like to sample the delicious food and beverages of the region.

Other available programs
  • View and try traditional Wood Carving techniques.
  • Relax in the Thermal Baths of nearby Kiskunmajsa, Kistelek, and and Szeged.
  • Take a wander through through the Old Castle District of Csongrád.
  • Ample opportunities to observe the varied and abundant birdlife.
  • Horseriding
  • In "The City of Sunlight", Szeged, numerous distractions and delights await you: Sight seeing, Museums, Zoo's, Outdoor Activities.

Besides these year-round activities, there are many seasonal Festivals and Celebrations to entice and delight those yearning for excitement and an authentic Hungarian experience.