We lead an eco-friendly organic farming lifestyle, that we specifically decided to follow, that we lead under the supervision of the Hungarian Bio-Control Nonprofit Kht Organisation.

The varied vegetables that grow in our garden for our own and our guest's consumption, are all completely organic. We find the cleanliness of all the food that we consume to be of very high importance.We do not use any pesticides, chemicals or fertilizers.

When it came to choose the animals for our farm we tend to lean towards the more resilient, traditional old-Hungarian breeds, such as the Mangalica Pig, the Racka Sheep, and "bead" Chickens.

Our waste water is cleaned and recycled by a plant-based cleaning system, due to this it is compulsory to choose all of our cleaning products with great care. We strictly only use bio and bio-degradeable products in our daily lives.

We are still constantly growing and furthering our knowledge of this particular lifestyle, and gladly offer up all our knowledge on the subject to any interested guests.