Pipacs Tanya is located on the perimeters of one of Hungary's Southern Great Plain's largest conservation forests. You too can enjoy the peaceful climate found in the center of a lush Akác Forest, that hundreds of migratory birds have already discovered on their journeys to or from Africa. This eco-friendly organic farm boasts a range of large and small animals, not only of the tame farming variety, but the surroundings woods teem with native wildlife roaming free. We aim to introduce the unique organic lifestyle that we ourselves lead everyday. Guests are welcomed to stay and rest in our quaint traditional white-clay guesthouse. Cooking facilities are available in a communal summer kitchen, with fresh produce and vegetables picked straight from the garden. The nearby Ópusztaszer National Historical Memorial Park provides ample enterainment, where you can become better aquainted with the rich history of the early nomadic Hungarian settlers, visit the ruins of an 11th-century Romanesque Church, wander through the quaint open air museum, or witness horseriding and archery re-enactments, with opportunities to take part. The Thermal Baths in the surrounding Towns pose an enticing chance for complete relaxation, to soak away all of your cares. It is worthwhile to take a stroll through the charming streets of Csongrád's Old Castle district, or take in the sights of cultural Szeged, with it's interesting miasma of architectural forms and abundant street-side café's... or simply stay right here on the Tanya and enjoy the relaxing calm.